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Frequently Asked Questions 

Tell me about yourselves....

FVIC is a partnership of experts skilled in the investigation of all types of road and vehicle related incidents. Our backgrounds are from either UK Police or the motor trade and we have received appropriate training, hold recognised qualifications and membership of professional bodies. We have extensive experience, are fully proficient and are accepted as expert witnesses.

Tell me what you can provide....

We provide professional impartial independent expert forensic investigations into road traffic accidents and other vehicle related incidents. We also provide vehicle and component examinations, accident consistency, accident repair and valuation inspections.

We provide clear, concise and technically accurate expert reports for the prosecution or defence in criminal cases, and for the claimant or defendant in civil cases.

Where required we attend Court proceedings in our capacity as expert witnesses.  We have been accepted by the Courts and have given expert evidence to all types of criminal, civil and Coroners Courts.

See our services offered page for our full range of products.

We aim to provide a prompt efficient quality service to our clients by maintaining caseloads at manageable levels. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of our service to our clients.

How do you work ?

We will personally visit each accident scene/incident locations and photograph and measure as required. Wherever possible accident vehicles involved will be examined and photographed. All available documents and evidence will be considered and evaluated prior to preparation of the report.

During the investigation we will maintain contact with our instructing client and update them as to the progress of the investigation.  Where investigations are time critical we will endeavour to meet these deadlines and return reports in good time.

Tell me about your reports....

We aim to produce technical reports in clear understandable English and in a logical sequence. The reports make use of plans and photographs as appropriate. All photographs are numbered and indexed. Plans may include digital Ordnance Survey map data and on site surveys are produced using the latest surveying technology.

All our reports comply with Criminal and Civil Procedure Rules.

From the outset the appropriate expert will investigate the incident. Written reports are fully quality assured in-house to ensure continued accuracy and validation.

Why should I consider using your services ?  

We provide full professional consultancy services using only skilled, experienced experts who hold relevant qualifications. Our experts fully understand their duty to the court and abide by the Criminal / Civil Procedure Rules.

We do not accept instructions based on the outcome of cases.

Where do you work?

We will undertake instructions to investigate incidents anywhere but we specialise mainly in investigating incidents in the North of England.


We will happily discuss an incident or review papers at no cost before providing an estimate of the costing for a full report. Such reviews are completed quickly allowing clients to decide on their further actions.

What are your fees?

Fees are charged on an hourly rate whilst working on an investigation. A reduced rate is charged for travelling times to and from accident scenes, vehicle inspections, court and other venues along with a mileage charge. Any other charges arising are charged accordingly. Our charges are in line with the industry standard rates. Before commencing any work we will on request provide written estimates of the charges.

All work performed is subject to VAT chargeable at current rates.

How can I contact you?

We can be contacted by telephone, email or via the postal system - see our contact information page. We welcome all enquiries.

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